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Banner Photo Courtesy: Csapó Balázs

MoonArra was invited to perform at the 7th Edition of Ooty LitFest in the hilles! Here are the links to the fest:

Ooty, the scenic location for the lit fest, is also celebrating its bicentennial this year

Thanks to Joan Cartwright and Women in Jazz Global for featuring Madhuri Jagadeesh of MoonArra on their facebook page:

International Jazz Day April 29 at The Bangalore International Centre (BIC) was a fabulous success - thanks to all the artists who performed, the team at BIC and Ison who worked with us to ensure smooth logistics of the Jazz Day. 

Jugalbandi The Crossing, a brilliant idea was conceived by Francesca Amendola from @instituto Italiano di cultural Mumbai. With her efficient and hardworking team she connected all of us and when we met for the first time for a rehearsal at The Bangalore School of Music, there was such a vibrant energy to share, to exchange, our individual skills to improvise and to create something wonderful and refreshingly new with our diverse backgrounds, an intermingling of cultures- all three concerts - back-to-back at Bangalore International Centre on 19th April and in Mumbai at the impressive Royal Opera House Mumbai on 22 April were sold out. Such a great pleasure to perform with Enzo Favata on sax, Clarinet, electronics, launeddas. Giacomo Riggi on vibes and keyboards. Marco Frattini on drums. Varijashree on vocals and flute. Bindhumalini on vocals. Vedanth Bharadwaj on vocals, guitar and banjo.
Photos: Avadhooth from Creation Arts.
Zusámmen! Concert at Goethe-Institut Bangalore Moon Arra featuring Magnus Dauner was such a pleasure performing! Magnus is a fabulous drummer, skilled at Konnakol and brought a refreshing new pulse to our compositions. Sharing the stage and playing a few jazz standards with him too was a lovely experience. Heartwarming to see Karthik Mani son of the late Vid.T.A.S.Mani who Magnus said, changed his life - and Deepica Pujari in the audience. Except for a few familiar faces it was a completely new audience. The turnout was great and their response was overwhelming. Thanks to Maureen of MMB for all the co ordination and Amal who helped with the sound.
Thanks to Yamaha and Ashley of Thomsun Bangalore for the tech support. Thanks to Mythili Anantharaman Jataveda Banerjee and Joshua Lance for the ongoing collaboration, we really love getting together.
Gratitude for a seamless performance at Bangalore International Centre which is most certainly a cultural oasis, something we all can be proud of in the city. Our heartfelt thanks to all the artists who were part of The Cosmic Tree -@Ashokan O for the beautiful stage and lighting, pioneering woman artist - Vid. Sukkanya Ramgopal on ghatam and konnakol, fabulous working with Italian Cellist Dr. Nicola Baroni, Adarsh Shenoy K on tabla and bol, Raman Iyer on sax, flute & harmonica, Joshua Lance on bass, Rohit PS on drums, Nataraj Iyer on percussion, Mythili Anantharaman vocals and creative input, Jataveda Banerjee vocals and creative input, Prathima Rohini Rajasekaran for physical theatre, movement and creative input.
Guitar - Jagadeesh. Vocals, narration and concept - Madhuri Jagadeesh.
It was heartwarming to have Dr. Yati Durant from Edinburgh Universty and Prof Andre Bellmont from ZHdk, Zurich in the audience, who gave us wonderful feedback and a certain perspective to continue. Thanks to a respectful and co-operative audience and those who stayed right till the end. The program which was meant to be 2 hrs exceeded by 15mins. We do prefer the long form for these kind of productions but are also working on productions with shorter durations. With how things fall into place Grace is something we never take for granted.
Thanks to John & Vision of Sound, our preferred sound vendor.
What a beautiful journey the Indo German International Jazz Week Oct 5 - 11 turned out to be! With Arifa Quartet on the final day with their own special Danubian Voyage! Immensely grateful to Consulate General of Germany, Bangalore for believing and supporting - 4 days, 8 Concerts and 2 workshops!
Thanks to all the musicians and artists, media and press of Bangalore, the highly appreciative audiences, Consulate General of the Netherlands in Bengaluru, Bangalore International Centre The sound system and tech by Vision of Sound, all the volunteers, staff of The Bangalore School of Music Alliance Française de Bangalore Goethe-Institut Bangalore
Another full house and some more at the 2nd Edition of Cafe Jazz Sessions live at Alliance Française de Bangalore on Mar 18! The interest in jazz by the uninitiated and the curious and performers from the first edition as well as new musicians made it an evening to remember with the sessions progressing steadily. It was thrilling to take in the buzz of the audience and performers connecting -
MoonArra's collaborative album "Maanouche" was announced in the media recently.  Maanush  means humanity and in these times that's our only hope.  The first track "if I Could Sing Your Blues" is under production currently and would have been released around JazzDay on April 30 but due to the ongoing pandemic crisis and lockdown in India, recording of some of the parts have been delayed but as soon as lockdown gets lifted and normalcy returns, we will be visiting the studios to finish all the remaining parts. The tracks in the album will follow slowly and surely.
CELEBRATING UNESCO International #JazzDay  2020 Apr 30. 15 inspired musicians, in a unique collaboration, from 3 continents and 8 countries worked together over the last few days to create this video of a #MoonArra composition titled 'Trieste', celebrating the universal, indomitable, undying spirit of Jazz and musicians everywhere. When musicians collaborate the music gets richer with the shared cultural and musical experience of seasoned performers and studio musicians. It's a wonderful expression of harmony, integration, camaraderie, love and brotherhood and sisterhood in these times. Curated by MoonArra & Peter Natterer in association with #TheBangaloreSchoolofMusic
1. Peter Natterer - Saxophone, producer
2. Edi Kohldorfer – Guitar
3. Richard Barnhart – Bass
1. Alexander Maurer – Drums
1. Haruyo Kimura – Erhu
1. Norbert Kael – Piano
2. Hoppal Mihaly – Bass
1. Biggi Vinkeloe – Flute
2. Nema Vinkeloe – Violin, Vocals
1. #MoreiraChonguica (Mozambique) – Soprano Saxophone
1. Junias Demessa (Ivory Coast) – Drums
1. Mythili Anantharaman – Vocals
2. Madhuri Jagadeesh – Vocals
3. Jagadeesh Ramanujam Mudambi – Guitar
4. Joshua Lance - Bass
Dear Jagadeesh Ramanujam,

Attached please find a message from International Jazz Day Co-Chair Herbie Hancock regarding the 2019 celebration. It is indeed an honor to have your partnership and participation in this global movement, and we look forward to working with you on the upcoming edition.

Best regards,

Outreach Team

The Spirit of Collaboration

Performing at Zurich University for The Arts, 'Switzerland, 'Music for Change' Concert on May 17 2017.
The spirit of collaboration continues to be at the heart of MoonArra: 2017 began with a collaborative performance with US Saxophone virtuoso Phil Scarff in January in Bangalore; 
A 4 member delegation (Jagadeesh M.R, Rebecca Colaco, Andy Ramesh, Nandini Sudhir) from the Bangalore School of Music led by Jagadeesh visits Zurich University of the Arts as part of a cultural-educational exchange from May 10-24. Post that, Duo Madhuri and Jagadeesh tour Europe, collaborating with saxophone player Peter Natterer in Vienna May 25-26; performing with Norbert Kaell, pianist of 'Jazzical Trio' & talented percussionist Tamas Siska on May 27 in Budapest, Hungary, at A38 Club and on June 1 with Leszek Wisniowski, jazz flautist at Club Strefa, Krakow, Poland.   MoonArra members unite in June to perform at the Indiranagar Sangeeth Sabha for the Triennial World Music Conference-Festival on June 26. Conitinuing in 2018 with collaborations in BSM's 16th edition of the East West Music & Dance Encounters with Gregor Hilbe from Zhdk, Peter Natterer Quartet from Austria, Phil Scarff from US, Yann Phayphet from France and Norbert Kael from Hungary!


Artistic Yoga Guru Bharat Thakur exhibited his paintings at Gallery Space in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad on Mar 11 2017. The theme of the event was 'Colossal Abstracts'. Jagadeesh M.R. of MoonArra on solo acoustic guitar complemented and showcased the theme through music with a tapestry of harmonic changes starting  from flamenco and moving through jazz and a fusion of Latin and Indian classical sounds.  Akkineni Nagarjuna, Telugu Film Superstar was the Chief Guest.

Trio performance at Kynkyny Art Gallery showcasing Krishnappa's retrospective of Traditional Indian Musicians  Mar 22 2016. (More pics on Buzz page)

MoonArra performs at the National Gallery of Modern Art for the Inaugural of the 14th East West Music & Dance Encounter of the Bangalore School of Music on Feb 13. (More pics on buzz page)

MoonArra performs on Day 1, (above) Sep 9 2015 at BMCI venue, Tanjazz, Tangiers Morocco "Jazz of 5 Continents" Festival and at the finale on Sep 13 at the Italian Palazzo in a collaboration themed as "India Meets Africa".

.Far from the rhythms of Bollywood, India was worthily represented by the group MoonArra and Arun Ghosh who lives in Britain. Power and spirit characterize the music both traditional and modern of the two bands, which open to other styles from Africa or Andalusia.  - - Sep 2015
...Among the highlights of this final evening, included the long-awaited concert and having met on MoonArra Group (India) and Abdellah El Gourd Maâlem (Morocco) for a successful fusion of classical Indian music and the Gnaoua Sep 2015
Tangier - The 16th Tanjazz festival was closed Sunday night in style with a sublime fusion entitled "Africa meets India", which saw the meeting of the Indian group MoonArra with the Moroccan Gnawa Group. Sep 2015
Madhuri Jagadeesh, Co Founder, Songwriter and Vocalist was featured in Amy Bormet's maiden issue of Turnaround Magazine - Washington Women in Jazz.
Jagadeesh Ramanujam Mudambi was recently inerviewed by Valerio Pappi, Founder of 7 Virtual Jazz Club:
Strings Through Time - A Special Collaboration with Lutenist Luca Chiavinato from Padua, Italy and MoonArra comprising of Madhuri Jagadeesh, Mythili, Anantharaman, Jataveda Banerjee, Jagadeesh Ramanujam Mudambi and Karthik  Mani, concert and conversations was held at BIC on 6th Sep.  The concert was completely acoustic, unamplified with only the natural acoustics of the Library space at BIC .

Madhuri Jagadeesh was featured recently on Dr.Joan Cartwright's Women in Jazz Blog Radio edition on April 15:
What makes this International Jazz Day very very special is this wonderful, warm message from a musician and human being we consider special and hold in great regard.  We are convinced that there is a Higher Power (The Highest) that connects all of us.
Kirk Whalum
Madhu is simply one of the most authentic, genuine, gifted, spiritual people I've ever met. And I've only spent about an hour with her! At the #javajazzfestival in #indonesia. She and Jaagadeesh have been good friends now for over 10 years. We will be recording together on my next #humanité project!
MoonArra Jagadeesh M.R and Madhuri Jagadeesh were featured on Watford Junction 21-Nov-2021  S08 E01chatting with host Chris  Newstead:
Listen to the Podcast HERE

Through the pandemic, we started working on our collaborative album "Maanouche" and the first track we worked on was American Singer -Songwriter Sara K's classic from 1994 -"If I Could Sing Your Blues". 

We're delighted to announce the single version is finally out on streaming platforms.

MoonArra's performance at The Quad, a warm and inviting ambience at KIAl Airport Bangalore on Dec 19 2020.
I was honoured also to be part of a UNESCO project started by Jagadeesh Ramanujam Mudambi, Director – Operations for The Bangalore School of Music in India. International Jazz Day Apr 30.  15 inspired musicians, in a unique collaboration, from 3 continents and 8 countries worked together over the last few days to create this video of a MoonArra composition titled 'Trieste', celebrating the universal, indomitable, undying spirit of Jazz and musicians everywhere.  When musicians collaborate the music gets richer with the shared cultural and musical experience of seasoned performers and studio musicians.  It's a wonderful expression of harmony, integration, camaraderie, love and brotherhood (or sisterhood) in these times.   Curated by MoonArra & Peter Natterer.

Until next year (if all goes well with the world) a picturesque and beautiful UNESCO heritage site, a 1000 year old Benedictine Monastery, 2nd largest territorial abbey in the world, in Pannonhalma, Hungary,  (the first one being in Italy) continue celebrating jazz, music and more music.  
7 Virtual Jazz Club
Honored to have our friend Jagadeesh in our judging panel. Beatiful project! 7 Virtual Jazz Club Team

Honoured and privileged to represent India and be part of this illustrious judging panel of Seven Vjc a global platform for emerging talent in jazz 2020!

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus is at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus.Like Page

January 18 at 10:27 PMKollam

Amritapuri Campus witnessed a mesmerizing performance by Moon Arra, an Indian Classical, Jazz, and World Fusion ensemble based in Bengaluru, India. MoonArra means “three streams” and was formed in 2006 as a fusion of the interaction and collective influences of Indian Classical, Jazz and World Music Influences of its members. As part of its explorations and to collaborate and connect with musicians and audiences worldwide, MoonArra are also ambassadors of culture bringing the message of peace and harmony, goodwill and tolerance in today’s environment.
MoonArra - Streams of Consciousness, Series of Collaborations, Live & Recorded
MoonArra's "Operaaga" themed concert with an ensemble consisting of artists from India, Austria and Japan premiered at Jagriti Theatre on Feb 9 2019 as part of BSM's East West Music &* Dance Encounter. (Press Clips from Bangalore Times, Deccan Herald, the Hindu & Bangalore Mirror)
MoonArra World Fusion embarked on another collaborative tour of Austria and Hungary in Europe, performing and recording with musicians based there as well as conducting workshops.
This year  2018  marked the third year of collaboration with Vienna based musician Peter Natterer. The collaboration started in 2016 with a series of concerts in Vienna, and in 2017 a recording project which resulted in the album ‘Lily Walking’ online and this year 2018, from Sep 28 – Oct 5 the founder members of MoonArra, Jagadeesh M.R and Madhuri Jagadeesh along with Indian Classical Vocalist Mythili  collaborated with Peter Natterer saxophone, Ulli Pesendorfer, drummer and Richard Barnert on bass for 4 concerts in Vienna, Austria. (MoonArra members will also be collaborating with Peter Natterer for a second studio project called ‘Streams of Consciousness’ which will culminate finally into a series of multi-media, inter-disciplinary productions on stage in India and overseas.) The trio presented a workshop on Indian Classical Music and its usage in contemporary music in Vienna.
Post Austria, on October 5, MoonArra members Jagadeesh M.R, Madhuri Jagadeesh and Mythili Anantharaman traveled to Szentendre, a picturesque, baroque town north of Budapest where they performed in collaboration with Hungarian based drummer Tamas Siska and bassist Hoppal Mihaly at the Szentendre Town Hall. Movement specialist Arya Vasudevan Gopinath, currently studying in Milan,  joined them on stage. The concert was organized by the Szentendre Town Council.  This was MoonArra's second concert in Hungary after the concert at A38, Jazz clubin Budapest in 2017 with Norbert Kael and Tamas Siska. 
Article in Deccan Herald MetroLife on Sep 20, 2018.
Performing at A38 jazz club, Budapest,   Hungary May 27 2017 with Norbert Kael on Piano and Tamas Siska on percussion. and June 1 2017 with Leszek Wisniowski, Club Strefa, Krakow,Poland. 
East West Music & Dance Encounter 2017 (BSM) Cameo Collaboration with Artists from Switzerland Aion Quartet and Hefi Jazz Quartet, Poland
MoonArra performs at Festival of Performing Arts in Kodagu Dec 25:
Madhuri Jagadeesh performed a special rendition of the Indian National Anthem at the US National Day  hosted by the US Consulate on June 21, 2016, held at the Marriott Hotel attended by special dignitaries and VIPs.

Three Streams
MoonArra means means “Three Streams.  The lietmotif of all our lives is our quest and fascination for beautiful sounds that emanate world over,  how sounds travelled from Northern   India in the 13th century, journeyed thru Persia, Morocco even up to Andalucian Spain.  Formed in 2006, our collective upbringing in Carnatic and Hindustani classical, the rhythmic and harmonic quality of jazz and a thousand other songs that we've grown up with and meeting with diverse artists, languages  and styles, a celebration of the human spirit – it is a journey that has no destination. We are a world fusion band on a mission to discover ourselves through our music and also other artists we meet everywhere.  
  • Jagadeesh M.R - Guitars, Oud, composer and founder.
  • Madhuri Jagadeesh - Singer songwriter and co founder 

MoonArra’s Significant International Festival  Performances -

  • 2018 5 Concert tour of Austria & Hungary
  • 2017 Concerts at Zurich University, Budapest Hungary & Krakow Poland May 10-June 4 2017
  • 2016 4 Concert tour of Vienna July 21-24, Austria, 2016Concert at Dublin, Ireland – July 26 2016
  • 2015 Tanjazz 2015 International "Jazz of 5 Continents Festival" at Tangiers, Morocco Sep 8 to 14 2015.
  • Java Jazz Festival in Indonesia 2009
  • Bangkok Jazz Festival 2010 
  • Invited by internationally renowned drummer Lewis Pragasam to perform at the inaugural of Little India by PM Dr. Manmohan Singh in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in Oct 2010.
  • Indigo & Blues International jazz festival 2007
  • International Jazz day Goa in May 2013 and 2014 and Hyderabad 2015
  • Asiabeat Anthology Launch in KL Malaysia in Dec 2012
  • Delhi International Jazz Festival on Mar 17 2012
  • Madfest in Ooty on April 5th 2012.   
  • Fete De La Musique 3 city tour in India 2010
  • Bengaluru Habba 2006-2011
  • Fireflies festival 2011

Currently MoonArra’s debut album ‘Indian Accent’ has been released in India and has been reviewed in the Hindu, Times of India and also by World Music Central based in North Carolina, USA.  

After our performance at Bangkok Jazz Festival 2010
At Java Jazz 2009 where MoonArra performed
MoonArra With Lewis Pragasam's Asiabeat artists in KL 2012