"India Meets Africa " - MoonArra Collaborates with Dar Gnawa et le Maalem Abdellah El Gourd and his group at Tanjazz Fest Morocco - 2015

From 9 to 13 September, the Tanjazz Festival returns in a more cosmopolitan 16th edition ever.

Tanjazz five continents

S i Tangier has always been known for being the crossroads of world cultures, jazz in fact a place of rendezvous of choice for music lovers and a meeting point for artists from the East and West. The 16 th edition of Tanjazz will be held from September 9 to 13 to provide the best jazz on five continents. It will issue a world tour of gender through the work of 100 jazzmen. Since the countries where the jazz culture is deeply rooted in history to those that are remote. 

With its institutional, diplomatic and cultural partnerships growing number Tanjazz receives some 22 formations, a hundred musicians, who come from five continents.

In the program 

In just five days, the festival promises a cruise that will take you to the distant Oceania. It's Australia has just pop jazz vocalist Sally Street. Not until it is "Love Drunk" for it tells us his"Hardest mistakes" .

Pleasure of the senses, clarinet Arun Ghosh comes from the UK, but the Indian jazz book of incredible magic. Listen: "As Closer" , "O Amar Mati Desher" . Still in Asia, jazz-fusion group ragga MoonArra comes from Bangalore, accompanied terrible Lebanese bluesmen of The Wanton Bishop that will make you "Sleep with the Lights On" .

Africa will be represented by the Senegalese kora jazz Ablaye Cissoko, the Kabyle Yacine Malek, songwriter and talented pianist and excellent Gnawa Express, homegrown.

The Americas will reward us with a beautiful blend of rhythms and influences. The perky Landen Ruby and the burning fire Nikki Hill come to us from the North. In Latin America, Minino Garay shorten his Afro-Latin jazz urban Argentine, while the Cuban Ivan "Melon" Lewis and a modern big band revisiting all the standards of its "Social Club".

Europe finally be widely present through training from Italy, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, France, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. A very eclectic menu that will go electric groove of the New York Italo Roberto Gatto, the piano of JP Wallon. Collard Neven, flying over the sleek and raw blues Irish Grainne Duffy, and very free lyricism of Spanish trio Sumrrá, to blend in with the deep soul-rock of the Syrian-Moroccan-Swiss Samia Tawil.

UNESCO supporter Tanjazz

The appointment cult jazz was not built on a single suite of concerts but also thanks to the many meetings between artists and residences. Besides the daily jam sessions, the 16 thedition of the festival will close at the Palace by the merger "India meets Africa" ​​artistic meeting of MoonArra with Gnawa Express. A strong message of openness and peace to the world comes from the city of the Strait. Recall in this connection that Tanjazz 2015 is the first and only Moroccan festival to enjoy the UNESCO label as part of celebrations for the 70 thanniversary of the international institution. Highly sought after and prestigious label, giving the event a universal reach and the city of Tangier a strong cultural influence. 

In these times of unrest and tension that clenched the world, just a good swing to cling to life.Appointments made in September!

Fedwa Misk. La Vie Eco www.lavieeco.com

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Tánger acoge la 16 edición de Tanjazz

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 |  09/07/2015

 Tánger acogerá entre el 9 y el 13 de septiembre la 16 edición del Festival de Jazz, Tanjazz, bajo el lema "El jazz de los cinco continentes", con músicos llegados de todos los rincones del planeta.

 Un comunicado emitido por la organización recuerda que participarán en esta  edición, 22 bandas y cien artistas, como el groove eléctrico (Roberto Gatto), el blues elegante (Grainne Duffy), el lirismo y la improvisación (Sumrrá), o el soul-rock (Samia Tawil).


América aporta el toque afro-latino, con el baterista argentino Minino Garay o los ritmos del cubano Iván "Melon" Lewis y la Cuban Express, a los que se añaden las estadounidenses Ruby Landen y Nikki Hill.


Asia tendrá este año una jornada especial, la de clausura, bautizada como "India se encuentra con África": el conjunto MoonArra de Bangalore (India) protagonizará un concierto de fusión con los marroquíes de Gnawa Exprés. Habrá además conjuntos de Senegal, Argelia, Líbano e incluso Australia.


El escenario principal será, como es habitual, el Palacio de las Instituciones Italianas, un espacio monumental de varios ambientes donde se distribuirán a horas distintas los llamados "conciertos de gran formato" y los más intimistas.

Post Tanjazz 2015 festival reviews in the international press:
...Far from the rhythms of Bollywood, India was worthily represented by the group MoonArra and Arun Ghosh who lives in Britain. Power and spirit characterize the music both traditional and modern of the two bands, which open to other styles from Africa or Andalusia.  - http://www.lavieeco.com/news/culture/un-savoureux-tanjazz-35311.html
...Among the highlights of this final evening, included the long-awaited concert and having met on MoonArra Group (India) and Abdellah El Gourd Maâlem (Morocco) for a successful fusion of classical Indian music and the Gnaoua 
Tangier - The 16th Tanjazz festival was closed Sunday night in style with a sublime fusion entitled "Africa meets India", which saw the meeting of the Indian group MoonArra with the Moroccan Gnawa Group.  http://www.mapexpress.ma/actualite/culture-et-medias/cloture-en-beaute-16eme-edition-tanjazz/
The 16th Edition of Tanjazz Sep 9 to Sep 13 at Tangiers, Morocco was designed and executed with finesse, with a plethora of artists from five continents, across splendid venues.  MoonArra was honoured and privileged to be part of the festival, performing at 2 venues ; BMCI Ville and at the Palazzo Italiana (Italian Palace).  The Grand Finale with Dar Gnawa et le Maalem Abdellah El Gourd and his group was fiery, energetic and spiritually transported us to a different world.  Dar Gnawa et le Maalem Abdellah El Gourd is one of Morocco's cultural treasures and has performed with Johnny Copeland, Randy Weston, Archie Shepp amongst others.  The audience that congregated at Tanjazz were wonderful, appreciative and great catalysts.  The people of Morocco, the volunteers, our wonderful assistants took personal care of us and attended to everything. Our stay was at the incredible Heritage Hotel Continental - scene of many great movies including James Bond films! Sponsors Renault never let us down and took care of the transport; The food at the Bistro was sheer Gourmet fare everyday; the service wonderful; the ever punctual and courteous,warm and friendly drivers;  The cameramen captured some great moments.  We were very proud to represent Bengaluru, India and Asia at this festival.  Kudos to Tanjazz 2015!




Jazz is always an invitation to travel, and even more when it is made in Tangier, at the crossroads of the worlds and at the exact intersection between Africa and Europe, East and West ...

After a fifteenth edition refocusing on core "Legends of yesterday and tomorrow" Tanjazz dropped to new moorings to adventurous horizons and offers us under the title "The Jazz of the 5 Continents" to do in five days "The Around the world in 100 Jazzmen ".

With its institutional, diplomatic and cultural partnerships * growing number Tanjazz 2015 will offer us, from Wednesday to Sunday, a tour of the global village, inviting us to jump from the worlds a priori the most distant jazz crop up to more familiar jazzy universe.

Some 22 courses to a hundred musicians, and we will:

Oceania which originated the delicious Australian pop jazz vocalist Sally Street, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist;

Asia with the return of the brilliant Indian clarinettist Arun Ghosh, the MoonArra jazz-reggae fusion band from Bangalore and Lebanese bluesmen of The Wanton Bishop;

African jazz with Senegalese kora Ablaye Cissoko, Kabyle roots of the excellent pianist composer Yacine Malek and unavoidable Gnawa Express, local step;

Americas, North with the "roots" of Juvenile Ruby Landen, the burning fire of Nikki Hill, new queen of rock'n'roll, Argentina with the Afro-Latin jazz drummer urban Minino Garay and Cuba the highlight will be the only meeting initiated by Tanjazz one of the best keyboards of his generation, Ivan "Melon" Lewis, and a modern big band revisiting all the standards of its "Social Club";

And that Europe has the highest contingent came from Italy, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, France, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland, offering discoveries panel very exciting and eclectic. The European invitation will go electric groove of Italo Yorker Roberto Gatto, to intimate piano JP Wallon. Collard Neven, elegant and raw blues Irish Grainne Duffy, the very free lyricism of Spanish trio Sumrrá to deep soul-rock of the Syrian-Moroccan-Swiss Samia Tawil which has since ceased to talk about it its highly acclaimed passing Montreux in 2013 ...

Finally, the festival will close on Sunday night at the Palace by the merger "India meets Africa" ​​which will see the meeting MoonArra vs Gnawa Express ...

Such effective opening to the world, gathered in the capital of Detroit, worth speeches of tolerance and peace!

It is undoubtedly for this reason that Tanjazz 2015 is the first and only Moroccan festival to enjoy the UNESCO label as part of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the international institution.

And because all this is excellent news that makes you want to dance, Tanjazz 2016 proposes more Masters of Swing Dancing in a dedicated space with an orchestra specially formed for the occasion.

So pack your bags and your dancing shoes! See you in September ...

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