International Collaborations

Our musical explorations in Europe resulted in a music album with Peter Natterer, a fine jazz saxophone player and musician who resides in Kottingbrunn, near Vienna, Austria. Peter and we had first met a few years ago when Austrian based pianist Marialena toured India with Hotel Palindrone, which Peter is part of.  We connected instantly and then the following year, Peter helped organise a beautiful concert tour of Vienna for our group MoonArra. This year, after Zurich where we had a two week intensive academic and cultural exposure to music and art at ZHDK, we travelled to Peter's residence and studio and decided to record instead of an outdoor concert which couldn't take place because of inclement weather.  We recorded almost the entire day and finished 6 tracks.  It was a spontaneous 'live studio recording' with vocal, guitar and saxophone blending as words, music, rhythm and melody flowed from one track to another - all in a single take.  

The album, Lily Walking is online now on itunes, spotify and other music sites. This is the DroneATalk Project.