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Press clips - Tanjazz Sep 2015 'Jazz of 5 Continents' Festival, Tangiers, Morocco.

Bflat; 'Jewel in The Lotus; Freedom Jam press clips

Press clips - Java Jazz Festival, 2009, Jakarta, Indonesia; Bangkok Jazz Festival March 2010, Thailand; Little India, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia, Oct 2010;

Delhi International Jazz Festival 2012

International Jazz Day Goa 2013-2014

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Press clips of Fete De Le Musique Tour 2010. Chennai/Ahmedabad & Bangalore

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Press clips of Jazz Heritage & Goa Chitra in Jan 2010;  Indian Accent launch;MoonArra 3 year journey; Tribute to Legends; Phoenix city concert coverage; Bflat and other concert pics

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A helping hand, musically

Bangalore’s musicians came together for jazz legend Carlton Kittu with highly accomplished and occasionally inspired music
After Susheel Kurien’s film Finding Carlton: Uncovering the Story of Jazz in India was shown on October 15 in Bangalore (Metro Plus, October 25, 2012), a member of the audience had asked Kurien whether there was any chance of seeing and hearing Carlton Kitto, the Kolkata-based jazz guitarist whose story is one strand in the film, in Bangalore. In fact, as Kurien informed us, the film was shown again on the next two days at two other venues, at one of which Kitto himself performed after the film. But Kurien had also told us that Kitto had had a serious accident and badly needed spinal surgery, which he couldn’t afford.
Enter the Bangalore School of Music (BSM) as personified by its Director, Aruna Sunderlal; M.R. Jagadeesh, guitarist and jazz-fusion bandleader; and Carlton Braganza of Opus and his Gina Forever Foundation. After those later screenings of Kurien’s films, they decided to take up the cause of Kitto and see if something couldn’t be done for him.
As the result of their efforts, the community of Bangalore’s musicians came together on Saturday, at the Alliance Française in a massive show of support called Helping CarltonOver three hours of music, the bulk of it jazz, much of the time highly accomplished and occasionally inspired, gave the audience reason to think its money was well spent -
..Far from the rhythms of Bollywood, India was worthily represented by the group MoonArra and Arun Ghosh who lives in Britain. Power and spirit characterize the music both traditional and modern of the two bands, which open to other styles from Africa or Andalusia.  - - Sep 2015
...Among the highlights of this final evening, included the long-awaited concert and having met on MoonArra Group (India) and Abdellah El Gourd Maâlem (Morocco) for a successful fusion of classical Indian music and the Gnaoua Sep 2015
Tangier - The 16th Tanjazz festival was closed Sunday night in style with a sublime fusion entitled "Africa meets India", which saw the meeting of the Indian group MoonArra with the Moroccan Gnawa Group. Sep 2015

  • MoonArra's music draws from different cultures and influences and comes together to create a new and individualistic sound, independent of all else...The Hindu Jan 12 2011
  • ...Indian Accent is an impressive debut album by one of the emerging talents in the Indian world fusion scene... .World Music Central  Feb 5 2012

  • MoonArra's music was as chatty as the band, honest without hype and distilled over the evening. It was a bridge to music from across the world with a geography all its own...The  Hindu June 16 2010
  • World fusion band, MoonArra, has always been known for staying true to the spirit of collaboration...Deccan Herald June 5 2013
  • "Quintet eclectia...the coming together of three rivulets." - The Times of India, Ahmedabad, June 22, 2010.
  • "Enhancing the Indian element in Jazz..."- Herald Mirror, Panjim, Goa, Jan 10 2010.
  • "Musically, MoonArra have successfully merged the free expression of jazz with Indian heritage..."The Herald, Goa, Jan 9 2010.
  • "MoonArra is the meeting point between Hindustani and Jazz. This was one of the interesting performances in Java Jazz 2009. " - Riandy Kurniawan, reporter with Gerthoyadus Sihombing, Indonesia. March 2009
  • "The best aspect of MoonArra's performance was that it had something for all." - Deccan herald, June 25, 2009